GA-2605-A Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

GA-2605-A Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer


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GA-2605-A is the latest product researched and developed by our company, which is not a simple upgrade of 5100. It has won unanimous praise from our customers since its launch.GA-2605-A is a wet automatic laser particle size analyzer, which adopts the most advanced Mie scattering principle and the concentrating Fourier transform light path. High-density probe and full range seamless test method ensure the accuracy and repeatability of test results.

Particle Size Analyzer Price

Performance characteristics:

Advanced optical path design: GA-2605-A using concentrating Fourier transform testing technology to ensure the shortest focal length to obtain the maximum range, effectively improve the resolution of the instrument; The unique high density detection unit enables the 5100 to have super small particle testing capability. The high density detection unit enables the LGA-2605-A to have super full range seamless testing capability.

Fully sealed fiber semiconductor laser: GA-2605-A uses a high stability, long life fully sealed fiber semiconductor laser, excellent stability let GA-2605-A has a super repeatability, (optional he-Ne laser).

★ Automatic test: truly automatic test, what you do is just put in the sample, no interference data without manual selection of data.

★ Ultrasonic anti-dry burning function: after research and development, GA-2605-A can realize ultrasonic anti-dry burning function, avoid damage to ultrasonic without water.

★ Adjustable ultrasonic power: GA-2605-A realizes adjustable ultrasonic power from 0 to 20 milliwatts to meet the dispersion needs of different samples.

Dustproof and shockproof design: the whole instrument is sealed to greatly improve the service life of the internal components. The unique shockproof structure can effectively avoid the interference of external vibration to the instrument, so that the test results are more stable and reliable.

Strong anti-corrosion design (optional) : according to the actual needs of customers can be equipped with acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance (including all solvent oil), resistance to organic solvents (such as acetone, phenol, n-hexane and other organic solvents).

Light path automatic proofreading: the instrument can adjust the light path by itself if the light path is slightly changed due to the change of sample window.

Unique micro circulation system: the whole dispersion circulation system has been optimized design, the dispersion medium is more than 120 ml can cycle test, really achieve the micro circulation test; The optimized design ensures no waste residue after drainage and the accuracy of the next test result. (Optional for microtest)

Free exhaust bubble design: the new design makes the whole test will not have bubble into the test sample window, avoid bubble interference.

Sample no residue design: the instrument pipeline and drainage structure are optimized design, the instrument pipeline, circulation pump no liquid residue, to avoid the impact on the next test data.

Sample window quick change device: newly designed sample window quick change device, make sample window more convenient and fast change.

Particle Size Analyzer Price

Main technical parameters:

specifications GA-2605-A (With high)
Execution standard ISO 13320-1:1999;GB/T19077.1-2008
Test range 0.1μm -600μm
Number of detector channels 66
Accuracy error < 0.5% (National standard sample D50 value)
Repeatability error < 0.5% (National standard sample D50 value)
Free bubble With no exhaust bubble design, no bubble interference data more accurate
Misoperation protection The instrument has self-protection function for misoperation and does not respond to misoperation
Laser parameter Imported fiber output high power laser λ= 635nm, P> 10mW
The light path calibration Automatic optical path calibration
Dispersion method ultrasonic Frequency: F =40KHz, power: P =80W, time: adjustable; With ultrasonic anti-dry burning
Circulating and stirring Integrated design of circulation mixing, speed: 100-3950 RPM adjustable speed
Circular flow Rated flow: 0-10L/min Adjustable rated power: 25W
The sample pool Self-designed boiling sample tank, better dispersion effect, capacity: 190-600ml can be normal test
Microinjection (optional) The instrument can be equipped with micro automatic test device,10 ml can be cyclic test (optional)
Dustproof and shockproof design The whole machine adopts dustproof and shockproof design
Anti-corrosion design (optional) Can be equipped with acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance (including all solvent oil), resistance to organic solvents (such as acetone, phenol, n-hexane and other organic solvents).
Software functions Analysis patterns Including free distribution, R-R distribution and log-normal distribution, classification by order statistical mode, etc., to meet the different requirements of different industries for sample size statistical methods
Statistical methods Volume distribution and quantity distribution, in order to meet the different statistical methods of granularity distribution in different industries
Statistical comparison It can make statistical comparison and analysis for multiple test results, and can obviously compare the difference of test results of different batches of samples, samples before and after processing and different time, which has strong practical significance for the quality control of industrial raw materials
To DIY User-defined data to display, according to the percentage of particle size, according to the percentage of particle size or according to
According to the template The percentage of particle size interval is calculated to meet the characterization of particle size test in different industries. Diameter distance, consistency, interval accumulation, etc
The test report The test report can be exported to Word, Excel, Bmp, and Text files, enabling you to view test reports and reference test results in scientific research articles on any occasion
Multilingual support Chinese and English language interface support, can also be embedded in other languages according to user requirements.
Intelligent operation mode Truly automatic unmanned intervention operation, no human interference, you only need to add the sample to be tested as prompted, the test results of better repeatability.
Operating mode One-click automatic software operation mode
The test speed < 1min/ time (excluding sample dispersion time)
volume 980mm*410mm*450mm
The weight of the 30Kg

Particle Size Analyzer Price

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