GA-2602 Optical Related Nano Particle Size Meter

GA-2602 Optical Related Nano Particle Size Meter


Nano Particle Size Meter


GA-2602 is the latest nano particle analyzer based on the principle of dynamic light scattering. It adopts high speed photon correlator and professional high performance photomultiplier tube as the core device, which has the characteristics of fast, high resolution, repetition and accuracy, and is the preferred product for the determination of particle size of nanoparticles.

Nano Particle Size Meter

Main performance features:

Advanced testing principle: the instrument adopts the principle of dynamic light scattering and photon correlation spectroscopy technology, according to the particle in the liquid Brownian motion speed determination of particle size, small particles Brownian motion speed fast, large particles Brownian motion speed slow. When the laser beam irradiates on the moving particles, the scattered light at a certain Angle (90 degrees is used in this instrument) changes dynamically with time, and the speed of change is related to the Brownian motion speed of particles in the liquid. The photon correlation spectroscopy method is used to carry out statistical analysis and correlation operation on the dynamic scattering spectrum. The particle size was calculated according to Stokes-Einstein equation.

High sensitivity and SIGNal-to-noise ratio: HAMAMATSU professional high-performance photomultiplier tube (PMT) with low dark count and high sensitivity is used as the detector, which has extremely high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio for photon signals, thus ensuring high accuracy and high resolution of test results;

Powerful computing capabilities: To use PCS technology to determine the size of nanoscale particles, it is necessary to be able to distinguish nanosecond signal fluctuations. The core part of the instrument adopts high-speed photon correlator developed by ASIC, which has high resolution of 6ns and high signal processing speed. It can collect photon number and calculate correlation operation in real time quickly, laying the foundation for test accuracy.

Stable optical path system: using thermostatic control of high-power semiconductor laser and optical fiber combination built by the photon correlation spectrum detection system, so that it is not only small in size, but also has strong anti-interference ability and stability, to ensure the repeated stability of test results;

High precision temperature control system: sample pool temperature control system and laser temperature control system accuracy up to ±0.1℃, so that the tested sample and laser light source in the whole test process are in a constant temperature state, to avoid the impact of temperature change on the test results, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the test;

Super functional analysis software: the inversion algorithm in the analysis software adopts the accumulative measurement method recommended by international standards as well as the non-negative least square method (NNLS) and Contin and other algorithms, and the test results are in good consistency with the international authoritative similar products.

Accurate and stable test: The perfect combination of high-performance hardware and standardized international inversion algorithm makes the LR-N009 precise and repeatable test results, and its test accuracy and repeatability are higher than the requirements of international standards.

New heat dissipation system: the new GA-2602 carries out a dual airflow design, hot gas directly discharged from the instrument housing, multiplier tube, laser, correlator and other important components are no longer affected by the hot airflow, the measurement data is more accurate, more stable, while greatly extending the service life of these important components.

Automatic sensing sliding door: the new GA-2602 is equipped with the automatic opening and closing function of the colorimetric door. When the hand is close to the instrument, the sliding door will automatically open to facilitate the tester to take the colorimetric door, and when the hand is far away from the instrument, the sliding door will automatically close.

This nano particle meter has reached the testing level of foreign nano particle meter!

Nano Particle Size Meter

Technical parameters and detailed configuration

specifications GA-2602
Execution standard GB/T 29022-2012/ISO 22412:2008
Test range 1-10000nm(related to samples)
Concentration range 0.1mg/L-100mg/L (sample related)
Accuracy error < 1% (average particle size of national standard sample)
Repeatability error < 1% (average particle size of national standard sample)
laser Main laser: λ=532nm, semiconductor laser /LD pumped laser, P > 30mW
The detector Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
Scattering Angle 90 °
The sample pool 10mm*10mm , 4ml
Temperature range 5-90℃ (accuracy ±0.1℃)
The rated voltage AC110V/ AC220V
Try speed < 1Min/ time (excluding sample dispersion time)
Photon correlator Physical channel: 512, equivalent channel: 10000, baseline channel: 8

Sampling and delay time: 1us~200us dynamic adjustable

Minimum resolution: 6ns


Nano Particle Size Meter

Nano Particle Size Meter

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