GA-2604 Dry Process Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

GA-2604 Dry Process Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer


Laser Particle Size Analyzer


GA-2604 is a dry process automatic laser particle size meter, which is widely used in powder industry. Our company has designed different templates for different industries. Customers can choose cement template, abrasive template and so on according to their needs.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer


Advanced optical path design: GA-2604 uses concentrating Fourier transform testing technology to ensure that the shortest focal length to obtain the maximum range, effectively improve the resolution of the instrument; Unique small probe arrangement, so that 2010 has a super small particle testing ability. Superior automatic centering system and computer operating system highlight the humanized design of GA-2604.

Laser intelligent management system: GA-2604 took the lead in increasing the laser intelligent management system, intelligent management system real-time monitoring of the working state of the instrument, once received the command of the work of the intelligent management system will instantly light the laser, high-performance laser will reach a stable working state in 3 seconds. After the sample test, the intelligent management system will automatically shut down the laser, and the laser basically will not decay. Theoretically, the particle size analyzer can be lifelong without replacing the laser.

High stability optical path optimization: the unique design of GA-2604 has the most advanced high stability optical path, it uses high stability, high power fiber output laser, excellent configuration makes GA-2604 has super stability; The main optical path adopts fully enclosed design, which ensures the instrument to be tested in complex environment for a long time.

96 channels at the same time acquisition motherboard:GA-2604 took the lead in using 96 channels at the same time acquisition motherboard, all channels at the same time acquisition signal, data is more real and more reliable, other manufacturers claim that how many times per second acquisition is all channels each channel single acquisition, data is not true (optional).

Pharmaceutical industry special feeding system: GA-2604 specifically for pharmaceutical factory developed a special feeding system, many medicinal materials density small weight traditional vibration feeding is difficult to uniform feeding, the new research and development of the feeding system by passive feeding to active instrument feeding. Uniform feeding also ensures that very light samples can be tested normally.

Unique dry dispersion system:GA-2604 dispersion system is optimized on the basis of French theoretical data, so that THE GA-2604 dispersion of dry powder more uniform, super negative pressure to ensure the continuity and uniformity of the feed, effectively avoid dry powder adhesion during the test process.

Detector:GA-2604 detector adopts a new design combining the main detector and the secondary detector, which ensures seamless detection within the full range of the instrument and makes the test more accurate. The main detector has designed an automatic centering system, which can realize the instrument’s one-button automatic centering, highlighting the humanized design. At the same time, it can effectively avoid the damage to the detector by manual alignment and prolong the service life of the instrument.

Dustproof and shockproof design: the whole instrument is sealed to greatly improve the service life of internal components. The unique suspension structure can effectively avoid the interference of external vibration to the instrument, so that the test results are more stable and reliable.

Automatic calibration of optical path: exclusive combination of mechanical center and optical center technology, automatic adjustment and positioning of optical path more accurate, micron level; At the same time, the speed of optical adjustment is faster and the fastest adjustment can be completed in 15 seconds. The self-developed automatic alignment system consists of stepping motor, precision guide rail, precision controller and software system. The minimum step distance is 0.2 micron, which ensures that the laser beam focus always passes through the center point of the detector and improves the accuracy and repeatability of test results. Automatic centering system is the standard configuration of all types of laser particle size meter.

No residue in pipeline: there is no residual sample in the pipeline after the test, which will not cause interference to the next test.

Computer-controlled feeding: the tester can accurately control the feed amount of the instrument with the help of the computer.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Software: in accordance with pharmacopoeia GMP regulations, with electronic signature, permission setting, data tracking, data can not be changed and other functions.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

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