GA-2601 Spray Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

GA-2601 Spray Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer


Laser Particle Size Analyzer


GA-2601 spray particle size meter adopts split design, which can be used in a wider range. More stable performance, larger range, suitable for a variety of complex test environment, at the same time,GA-2601 dust treatment.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Performance characteristics:

The GA-2601 uses a split structure to test samples at a distance. The GA-2601 uses a large platform and can be used for normal testing at a distance of 0.1 m to 10 m even when used as an integral unit.

Advanced optical path design:

GA-2601 adopts fraunhofer diffraction principle and typical parallel optical path design, and is equipped with high-power semiconductor laser. The unique high-density detection unit enables the GA-2601 to have a strong ability to test small particles. The GA-2601 can test seamlessly within 1μm to 800μm. At the same time,GA-2601 is equipped with light path automatic adjustment device, which is convenient for operation and prolongs the service life of the instrument.

High power semiconductor laser:

The GA-2601 uses a high-powered semiconductor laser to enhance the resolution of the instrument and make it impossible for small particles to hide.

Automatic calibration of optical path:

Pw180-b is the first spray particle size meter to add automatic alignment function, GA-2601 added light path automatic adjustment system, to ensure the stability and accuracy of instrument measurement. At the same time greatly reduce the operator’s working intensity.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Imported lens:

GA-2601 adopts Japanese Canon as the main lens, which has small distortion and high imaging. The receiving end adopts a large diameter long focal length lens with a diameter of 150 mm, which makes particle detection more accurate.

Ultra wide range:

GA-2601 ranges from 1μm to 800μm.

Auxiliary light positioning: GA-2601 uniquely adds the auxiliary light positioning function, during positioning, two laser beams are emitted at the transmitter end at the same time, and the receiver end can start the automatic optical path adjustment system after the double point matching, which greatly simplifies the adjustment difficulty.

Powerful analysis software:

Powerful analysis software can record the particle size distribution of all fog droplets in all laser beams at any time. Moving spray test results within the laser beam can be continuously recorded and statistically analyzed.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Technical parameters

specifications GA-2601
Execution standard ISO 13320-1:1999;GB/T19077.1-2008
Test range 1μm-800μm
Number of detector channels 66
Accuracy error <1% (national standard sample D50 value)
Repeatability error <1% (national standard sample D50 value)
Sample way Open injection
Instrument structure Split or one piece optional
Split guide (optional) Split instrument, test area within 3 meters can be optional guide rail
Laser parameter Imported fiber output high power laser λ= 650nm, power 1-40MW adjustable
The key parameters






Measurement area

The lens

Split type: the instrument can be normally tested in the range of 0.1 to 10 meters
All-in-one: instrument 0.1m to 2.4m
The lens to protect Canon high performance lens
Sample way Air curtain protection
In the automatic to Spray (including fog drops and solid powder)
Measurement area The instrument automatically adjusts the light path, and the computer software automatically completes it with one key.
Software functions Analysis patterns Including free distribution, R-R distribution and log-normal distribution, classification by order statistical mode, etc., to meet the different requirements of different industries for sample size statistical methods
Statistical methods Volume distribution and quantity distribution, in order to meet the different statistical methods of granularity distribution in different industries
Statistical comparison It can make statistical comparison and analysis for multiple test results, and can obviously compare the difference of test results of different batches of samples, samples before and after processing and different time, which has strong practical significance for the quality control of industrial raw materials
To DIY User-defined data to display, according to the percentage of particle size, according to the percentage of particle size or according to
According to the template The percentage of particle size interval is calculated to meet the characterization of particle size test in different industries. Diameter distance, consistency, interval accumulation, etc
The test report The test report can be exported to Word, Excel, Bmp, and Text files, enabling you to view test reports and reference test results in scientific research articles on any occasion
Multilingual support Chinese and English language interface support, can also be embedded in other languages according to user requirements.
Operating mode Computer operation
The test speed The < 1 min/time
The weight of the 25Kg

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Laser Particle Size Analyzer

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