BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets

BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets


BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets

BGD 880/T、BGD 881/T、BGD 882/T are whole new salt spray cabinets which are developed by Biuged recently. They have many typical advantages besides those characteristics of BGD 880/S、BGD 881/S、BGD 882/S、BGD 883/S series products .

◆ The temperature of working room is controlled by air heating.:the outer layer of inner plate is installed with electric heating wires, and the ambient temperature of the chamber is quickly heated to the desired temperature value by thermal radiation. The concentration and PH value of the spray solution will not be affected by any factors. The heater uses P.I.D to control heating so as to achieve temperature balance.

◆ Reasonable cabinet structure, durable material and beautiful shape:Cabinet inner material is made by Titanium plate, outer is made by stainless steel plate with painting treatment. Hidden water gauge for salt solution supplement system, easy to clear without easy to break. Cabinet cover is inclined plane type, to prevent the water to sample surface. Seal cover is driven by air cylinder, just click lift and fall button to open and close chamber cover. Sealed by silica gel seal strip for cabinet to prevent any leakage of corrosion gas. Water and electricity is completely separated in whole cabinet, effectively prevent water from entering electrical control box to damage parts.

◆ New designed standard sample holder:The top of working room is equipped with a plane dividing rack. The sample rack is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. The upper layer is equipped with circular rods made of corrosion-resistant materials. The middle layer is equipped with V-shaped glass fiber material brackets. The sample can be placed by adjusting the angle between V-shaped brackets and circular rods by 20°±5°. The lower layer is equipped with a plane mesh plate for placing large pieces of samples and mesh plates. Bearing weight uniformly distributed at more than 200 kg/m2

BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets

◆ Sprayed solution supply system:External big capacity tank for sprayed solution(salt water), and the salt water is absorbed by the peristaltic pump to supply the nozzle, thereby avoiding the problem of the crystallization of the traditional siphon spray nozzle . Moreover, the flow rate of the peristaltic pump can be regulated and controlled, and the average rate of collection of spray solution is effectively guaranteed.

◆ All testing parameters can be set by programmable controller TEMI 880(touch screen):5.7 inch and 800×480 lattice, TFT color LCD display, English menu, input by touch screen. Can set all parameters inquired by standard, such as spraying methods and spraying cycle (Fog spray cycle: continuous fog spray max test time is 999.9 hours, interval fog spray max spraying time is 99 hours 59 min, max stop time is 99 hours 59 min)

◆ Advanced communication function:RS 232 interface , have local and remote communication function(need to equip RAS-2003 monitor software, max. 16 apparatus can be connected at the same time). Come with a CD of software for PC, user can edit any test program through software and save it in U-disk, then call it out and save in controller. Also can shift any program saved in controller to U-disk, then analyze and manage it in PC.

◆ Curve record function:equipped with battery protection RAM, can save the set value, sampling value and sampling time of the machine;Max record time is 360 days ( when the sampling cycle is 2min).

BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets

BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets


ISO 4611 《Plastics—Determination of the effects of exposure to damp heat, water spray and salt mist》

ISO 7253 《Paints and varnishes — Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray (fog) 》

ISO 9227 《Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres — Salt spray tests》

ASTM B 117 《Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus》

ASTM B368 《Standard Test Method for Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray (Fog) Testing (CASS Test) 》

ASTM B 380 《Standard Test Method for Corrosion Testing of Decorative Electrodeposited Coatings by the Corrodkote Procedure》

ASTM G85 – 11 《Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing》

ASTM D 1735 《Standard Practice for Testing Water Resistance of Coatings Using Water Fog Apparatus》

DIN 50021 《Salt Spray Testing》


BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets

Main Technical Parameters

Working Room Temperature Range:RT+5℃~55℃

Humidifying Tower Temperature Range:RT+5℃~65℃

Temperature Uniformity:≤ ±2℃(No-load)

Temperature Stability:≤ ±0.5℃ (No-load)

Temperature Deviation of Working Room:±1.0℃

Temperature Increasing Rate:RT→50℃ less than 45 minutes(working room);RT→63℃ less than 45 minutes(saturated barrel)

Air supply requirements:filtered dry, waterless and oil-less pressure air, pressure 0.4~0.8Mpa

Ordering Information

Technical Parameters ↓

BGD 880/T BGD 881/T BGD 882/T
Working Room Size(W×H×D),


1000×650×720 1200×800×1000 1600×800×1000
Working Room Capacity

(no including V shape cover)

450 L 960 L 1280 L
Overall Size(W×H×D),mm 1700×1400×1000 1900×1600×1200 2300×1600×1200
Max. Sample Capacity


65 pcs 152 pcs 190 pcs
Sprayed solution tank Capacity(L) 120 300 300
Collectors 2 2 2
Total Power 3.6 kW 4.2 kW 4.6 kW
Salt Solution Consumption 60 L/d 60 L/d 70 L/d
Compressed Air Consumption 2 m3/h 3 m3/h 3 m3/h
Water Consumption of working

room and saturator

20 L/d 20 L/d 20 L/d
Power Supply AC (220±10)V ;50Hz;Single-phase three-line

BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets BGD 880-T New Programmable Salt Spray(Fog)Cabinets

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